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Patient's Testimonials

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Here’s What Patients Say ...

Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. Please read the following comments from our patients who suffered from...
1. Neck and back pain
2. Smoking
3. Headache
4. Paralysis
5. Injury from car accident
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Dr. Li is seen inserting needles into the back of a patient suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

Neck and back pain

My name is James Ken and I am a computer programmer. I have had constant neck and back pain for years. My acupuncture treatments by Dr. Li have significantly healed these constant pains. Although movement therapy and chiropractic helped me previously, nothing has reduced the pain more than acupuncture. I have recommended it to many of friends that have constant pain in their motor system. Most of them were very pleased with the treatment results from Dr. Li.                                                -- James Ken

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Before acupuncture treatments, I had smoked cigarettes about 2 parks a day for many years. It really degraded my health. I had tried many different means to quit smoking, but never succeeded.

One day, I was browsing web sites and found Dr. Li's web site: www.acuhealing.com. I called and consulted her. She answered my questions clearly and explained how acupuncture works to me. I was very impressed with her explanations and decided to try acupuncture treatment by Dr. Li.

I went to visit Dr. Li's office. I remembered she inserted several needles into the acupoints in my ears, the needles were stimulated with electric pulses with the intensity being stronger and stronger gradually but avoiding pain. A treatment lasted about 30 minutes.

Next morning, I woke up. After shower, I went to kitchen to have breakfast. And then I was ready to go to work. Oh, God! I did forget to smoke during my breakfast I used to before.

After one course of acupuncture including 3 treatment sessions, I have quitted smoking completely. Now I feel the taste of cigarette bitter and astringent and have no any desire for smoking.                                                                                                       -- Peter Lee

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Mr. Robin Schlein is needled the acupoint of Hegu to treat his headache.


I have suffered for quite some time with headaches which had been bad enough to force me to drop out of school and abstain from holding a regular job. Due to my condition, one doctor suggested I try acupuncture, which I did and found to be extremely helpful. I have no doubt that acupuncture facilitated my improvement to the point that I have just returned to school. For various reasons, I have been treated by not less than 7 different acupuncturists. None of them was too bad; I was most satisfied with Dr. Li of all of these.

Why? Most importantly, what set Dr. Li apart was the care she took in putting in the needles. It does take her some time and effort to be sure

the needles are put in at just the right point, angle and depth. It need not take much effort at all if the acupuncturist is not willing or knowledgeable enough or caring to trouble him/herself with these important considerations on your behalf. Some acupuncturists that I tried did not wish to exert themselves much on this score, and my treatment suffered when that occurred.

Aside from the above, let me mention a few things that led me to have such a high opinion of Dr. Li as an acupuncturist. She did care about my pain and that was apparent in the effort she put forth with the goal and accomplishment of lessening my suffering. Unlike some acupuncturists I saw, she was generous with the amount of time which she allowed me to have the needles in if necessary and listen to me. Finally, Dr. Li has advanced equipment - Electromagnetic Therapeutic Lamp, Electrical Stimulation Machine, Pump Cupping Set, etc. which some people may find beneficial.                                                                                                     -- Robin Schlein

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Mr. Fronheiser was sitting in his wheelchair while his visiting Dr. Li's office.


In August of 1995 at a south Delaware beach, I was waist deep in water when a huge wave wiped me out. I broke my neck (c-5-c-6 injury) which left me a quadriplegia.

I spent 2 months in a rehabilitation hospital, where I had P.T. & O.T. therapy. I have had intense therapy for the past 3 years.

In October of 1998, I read about acupuncture being done on spinal cord patients, with helpful results. I found Dr. Lingling Li on the internet.

I started my acupuncture treatment in November of 1998. I noticed improvement in my bladder program after a couple of treatment. Before the treatment, I have no feeling and would cath myself on schedule 5 times a day. Now I feel the pressure and cath myself when necessary. I have also noticed much improvement in my bowel program. My spasticity also improved, they are much less severe. Thanks to Dr. Li!

-- Richard R. Fronheiser

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