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Lee's Acupuncture & Herb Center

dr_lee.JPG (3922 bytes) Dr. Li and her colleagues have successfully treated  a wide variety of diseases and conditions with Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Medicine. [Click here]
Clinical reports from Dr. Li and her colleagues. We have eliminated pain and reduced pain for patients with
Arthritis Hypertension
Lower Back Pain Headache
Tennis Elbow Addictions: Smoking, Drinking, etc.
Cervical Spondylopathy Anxiety and Depression
Ankle and Foot Pain Facial Paralysis
Periarthritis of Shoulder Stroke Rehabilitation
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"Thanks to Dr. Li!"

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Acupuncture FAQ

You can click Acupuncture FAQ to see why and how acupuncture works.

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You can click Chinese Herb Medicine FAQ to get answers from Dr. Li.
chineseherbs.JPG (8002 bytes) Chinese Natural Herbs

You can click Chinese Natural Herbs to see why and how Chinese natural herbs work and what we can do for you.

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Are you looking for Chinese patent medicines? Click Chinese Patent Medicines to find out their actions, indications to see the suitability for you.
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