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Clinical Reports

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Acupuncture Treatment for Smoking Addiction

Smoking is very harmful to the health of human being. Therefore, more and more smokers have being tried to quit smoking in many approaches. However, most of them failed to quit smoking after several trial because the nicotin withdrawal syndrome brings the smoker with some unbearable symptoms, such as nervousness, mental stress, mental depression or being absent-minded, restlessness, dysphoria, etc.

We have used acupuncture treatment to help heavy smoker to quit smoking and obtained successful results. Clinical practice shows that the therapeutic effect of the ear-acupuncture in stopping smoking is most significant; and the course of treatment is shorter.


I have treated 52 cases of smoking addiction, including 24 females and 28 males. The longest smoking history is 40 years and the shortest is 1 year. The heaviest smokers consume 40 cigarettes and lightest 7 cigarettes.


We selected bilateral otopoints as follows:

Shenmen, Xin, Fei and Ke-point.

After inserting needles, the otopoints are stimulated with electric pulses simulator with the intensity being stronger and stronger gradually but within patient’s tolerability.

Treatment Result:

Among 52 cases, 37 smokers quit smoking after 3 to 5 acupuncture treatment sessions; 10 smokers reduce smoking after 4 to 5 treatments; only 5 smokers keep smoking even after 2 courses (about 6 sessions) of treatment.


Effects of the above mentioned otopoints: Shenmen, main otopoint, can regulate the processes of excitation and suppression of the cerebral cortex and tranquilize the mind. Xin can relieve mental stress, induce sedation and eliminate dysphoria. Fei can promote the smoker to produce a detest feeling to cigarette smell. Ke-point can relieve thirsty and remove the smoker's polydipsia.


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